What are the terms and conditions of Pre-sale ticketing for members of


The following policies apply should you purchase tickets as a member of The ‘Ville. These policies are subject to our Terms of Use. In addition, your attendance at an event may be subject to additional terms or restrictions of the venue, ticketing agent, or promoter. You are urged to review your tickets and communication from the ticketing vendor for any additional information that may apply to your attendance to an event. Please note, The ‘Ville memberships are non-refundable.


Log in to your account at theville.keithurban.com to retrieve your personal pre-sale passcode on your profile page. This code is unique to you and can be used to gain access to exclusive pre-sale opportunities available to members of The ‘Ville: Phoenix Club. Your passcode will allow you the opportunity to purchase up to 20 pre-sale tickets to participating shows for the entirety of Keith Urban’s tour. There is a maximum purchase of four (4) tickets per member for each show, unless otherwise specified. There is no limit to the number of times you can use your code, but you may not purchase more than 20 tickets during the pre-sales for any one tour.


Ticket availability is subject to change. Pre-sale ticketing through Ticketmaster allows the opportunity to purchase tickets before the general public. Not every city may be involved in the pre-sales. The ‘Ville does not control the number of tickets or the specific location of seats that are made available for purchase. Location of seats is not guaranteed and can vary by venue. There are a limited number of seats designated for members of The ‘Ville at each participating show and they often sell out quickly. When purchasing tickets through Ticketmaster, you will know where your seats are located before you make the purchase.


We work directly with Ticketmaster and other ticketing partners to prohibit the resale of any tickets for more than the original purchase price. If we believe you are profiting by reselling, trading, or brokering tickets purchased to Keith Urban’s show, we may at our sole discretion report the incident to Ticketmaster and other ticketing partners and cancel your membership to The ‘Ville without refund. We reserve the right to cancel your membership without notification. We reserve the right to investigate all orders suspected to be in violation of our policies. KeithUrban.net Administrators will be the final authority on interpretation of the rules in these policies. We do not permit the resale of tickets purchased on broker sites. We cannot guarantee that they are legitimate tickets and want to do our best to protect fans from brokers.