Why isn't my international credit card being accepted?

Please note the following regarding international credit card processing: Non-U.S. banks/issuers of credit cards do not support electronic address verification systems (AVS), which are used to help prevent credit card fraud. Authorizations are normally processed manually with a phone call placed by the merchant. The Keith Urban Support Team does not make phone calls to obtain authorizations. Additionally, the Keith Urban Support Team does not accept credit card information directly for processing. Please do not e-mail your credit card information to the Support Team. If you receive repeated error messages regarding verification of your address, please make certain that the address you are entering into the registration form for “Billing Address” is exactly the same as the address where the credit card statements are received.

If you are sure that the address you are using is correct, and you are still receiving an error message, please contact support+keithurban@onelivemedia.com for further assistance.